CoManService LTD

It is a new company, set up in May 2012, representing the professional and business world in different sectors. Specializing in the management of trade and distribution overseas, in order to ensure an effective international trading network.
We provide specialized web agency services, network promotion, businesses and tourist and receptive activities.
We coordinate the logistic activities for import-export.
We ensure the success of initiatives through collaboration with public agencies in various countries and their partners throughout Europe, to create and develop new business activities and guaranteeing its customers the highest quality, flexibility, efficiency with excellent cost benefits.

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Web Services. Small business.

Website, Hosting, App, Promotion

Domain registration, hosting, database, creation of single-site web site for professional activities or CMS to manage multimedia content, e-commerce B2C and B2B, ERP / CMS for simple and intuitive online accounting, billing, contracts , estimates, stock management, interventions, etc.
For accommodation facilities booking system without commissions on reservations.
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Import - Export

Internationalization with a mandate of representation

In the European Community we move easily and get assignments to promote and market local domestic productions in Europe and worldwide.
In addition to providing specific advice in logistics practices, we support companies wishing to open up new markets in all the necessary services such as interpreting, tax regulations, legal and customs regulations.



Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises

As a first step, we ask our customers in the European Union to examine their project by analyzing the company on its productive capacities, products, financial availability to initiate a process of internationalization, promotion and new markets .


The Glocal Food Italy project

New markets for Italian agri-food companies

Glocal Food Italy

A simple and at the same time ambitious project, the adoption of an innovative and low-risk financial model to give a significant solution to the internationalization of small and medium-sized businesses in the precious and envious Italian food industry.

Glocal Food Italy brochure del progetto

The Glocal Food Italia solution aims to provide companies with a number of qualified back office services and personnel for order management, logistics organization, and sales network management in the various countries involved, including Italy. To encourage production planning and to supply raw materials for production and packaging to reduce production costs. With the help of our assistance and advice.

Get our brochure in Italian only a pdf file click here, or contact us.

Glocal Excellent italian food

All agricultural produce of fruits and vegetables, their processing, the richness of tomato varieties, fruit juices and wine vinegars. Pastry, jams and bread. The sheep, pigs and cattle farms with all their products, meats, cold meats, fresh and seasoned cheeses.
The queen of all the pizza with its ingredients, the dry and fresh pasta.
Wines, liqueurs, bakery products, biscuits and tarts

To favor and provide sales, distribution, collection and periodic payment of the supplies of Italian producers.

Glocal Eat Excellent italian food

Comanservice Ltd with the implementation of the "Glocal Food Italy" project is aimed at Italian producers of the agro-food sector.
To favor and provide for sales and distribution within the European market before and outside Europe afterwards, to the customers' picking and to the payment of the supplies.
With the subscription and through a specific mandate of representative agency with deposit, of the various manufacturers mandates.

Excellent italian food

If you are interested in opening new and interesting markets to your production, do not hesitate to contact us using the following link click here or contact us with any other method of your preference.

Are you a potential customer? You want to use truly Italian and excellent products, visit our dedicated E-Store platform, click on the menu on the right, register and contact us for get the best deals and get access to the advantageous lists dedicated to the different types of customers.


Glocal Food Italy. E-Store

Sale Platform. Export of agri-food products:

Management Booking System

Online booking and booking for B & B, farmhouses, guest houses, hotels

The service consists of the annual rental of our platform for managing reservations and realtime availability via internet, simultaneously the software allows for the administrative management of the activity of accommodation.
Thanks to the great versatility, flexibility of the list and intuitive simplicity of its web interface, it meets a wide range of needs, from those of the Bed & Breakfast, farmhouses, holiday homes, guest houses, religious houses, even with a few apartments and rooms, to those with hundreds of rooms.


Flexible configuration

Easily configurable in the number and characteristics of rooms or apartments, by date and by tariff.

Automatic assignment

Manually and automatically assign rooms with customizable rules.

Additional cost management

It is possible to handle any additional charges, special offers, variations, restrictions to add to the tariffs.

Custom Documents

Create customizable documents, invoices, automated email responses, forms, and more.

Website for professionals

A simple and effective solution for professionals

The service designed for lawyers, doctors, engineers, merchants, businesses etc ..,


Simple and clear

Easily configurable.

Fair and affordable price

For One-page site to present your business and be present on the network,
Systems to manage your content, wordPress and Joomla independently,
E-commerce for every need.

Optional additional services

data entry service, editing e-commerce cards, site backup forms, specific service car modules, real estate, rental, web promotion, SEO and much more

Connect to social networks

Facebook, Google +, YouTube, and more